I'm Simeon Wright, a Certified Children's Yoga Instructor

A place where children can be positive, feel calm , grow and have fun.

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About Simeon Wright

After a chaotic year Simeon started attending Yoga classes in 2019 at his local gym in search of some peace and calm. Whilst there he quickly discovered not only did he love having 1 hour a week to destress, get fitter and stronger, he also discovered the power of meditation again. He then realised if something like this can restore his confidence and make him feel less stressed then why aren't these techniques being taught to children? He then vowed to start teaching breathing techniques to the children he was working with at his school in order to give them a sense of control and self-regulation...

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Benefits of Yoga for Kids

There are many benefits included when children begin to practice Yoga.

More strength and flexibility

Children start to get stronger as they move in a range of new and challenging positions.

Higher levels of self esteem

Children's confidence increases as they master poses and breathing.


Focus is improved as children become aware of their breath, thoughts and feelings.

Less stress and anxiety

As children start to relax more, they'll gradually start to realise the power of breathing and how calm it can make them feel.

Your adventure begins here!

Do you want to feel calmer?
Do you want to feel confident?
Do you want to get stronger?
Do you want to have fun?
Then this is the place for you

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Max Philo

4th April 2022

These classes have been amazing and a real confidence boost for our little one. It’s now a part of our weekly schedule.

Gemma Wescott

2nd April 2022

My daughter has only recently started Yoga with Simeon but she absolutely loves the classes. Simeon has taught her ways to manage herself through yoga which benefits her daily.Would most highly recommend the yoga man he always has the children best interests at mind and is willing to help them reach there full potential in classes.

Kelly Marie

24th February 2022

My daughter Mia has been attending Yoga Classes since December 2021. She loves the classes, the new skills she is learning and making new friends. I can’t recommend the class enough and the yoga man. He is a great positive teacher. Mia is growing in confidence and her skills every week.

Sarah Rose

26th January 2022

My two girls attend the yoga session at the future dance studio in little burton on a Wednesday and they absolutely love it they have so much fun and also they learn a lot from the brilliant teacher the yoga man he is always very positive and makes the lesson fun very highly recommended 😃

Rachael Bryant

19th January 2022

My boys have LOVED doing yoga and have learnt so many techniques. They come out of class bursting to tell us new posses and breathing exercises. I have seen them use their skills when they are feel the need to calm and take a breath or just need a bit of “them” time. I truly believe that the class has helped their mental health and well-being and offers amazing skills as well as support and friendship.Highly recommend 💙

Helz Wait

12th January 2022

My daughter loves her weekly yoga session so much! She can't wait for Wednesdays every week. At just 5 years old, it has helped her in so many aspects of her life. She's a little girl who sometimes struggles with big things but yoga is giving her the chance to learn new skills, relax her mind and give her great opportunities to think about things positively! Can't recommend the yoga man enough, this is a class i'd been searching for, for a long time and it's perfect!

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"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” - Fred Rogers